Manage different currencies in Google Analytics

When you’ve got an ecommerce website, and if you’re targeting different countries, you might sell your products in different currencies: euro, dollar, pound… However, you can, by default, manage only one currency in Google Analytics. How to solve this issue in order to get relevant reports ?

Understand how currencies work in G.A

The 1st thing to understand is how currencies work in Google Analytics. By default, only one currency is possible in the settings. So be careful when you select it. It will be the one used by default in all your reports.

Now imagine, I’m selling in Euro and in Dollar. And my currency chosen by default is Euro. Let’s take the case where I’ve got 2 orders done on my website: one of 30€, another one of 20$. If you have a look on the reports given by default in Google, the total revenue will be 50€ (20+30).

Google does not take in consideration the currencies. Only the value. The data here are not correct. Let’s see how to solve it.

Create the datalayer

In this post, I guess you’re managing your Google Analytics tags, with Google Tag Manager. And I guess as well you give ecommerce information via the datalayer.

The goal is to indicate to Google the transaction currency. We’ll add an extra line in the datalayer, on your transaction confirmation page. Check first if your plugin do it by default. Otherwise, your dev can easily do it. If you wish more information, visit the official page from Google.

Now the currency is setup, let’s see how to catch this information via Tag Manager and send it Google Analytics.

Send the currencies in Google Analytics

First thing to do: create a variable in Tag Manager.


2nd step: send it in Google Analytics via the ecommerce tag.


Next, you just need to publish.

How to report the currencies in G.Analytics

Let’s take back the example with my 2 orders: one with 30€, one other with 20$. In the reports by default in Google Analytics, I won’t find a total of 50€. But a total containing, 30€ + 20$ converted in euro. Google uses the currency rate of the day before the order.

What about if I wish the detail by currency ? You’ll have to create a personalised report and use the metric “local revenue”. Like below:


And here’s the result in Google Analytics

You can even download the template here.

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