How to measure scroll tracking with Tag Manager ?

It’s Christmas in October. Google’s just released a new native functionality in  Google Tag Manager.  Now you have the possibility to monitor scroll tracking. Meaning, if your pages have been scrolled 25%, 50% or even 100%, you can get this information, and put your web analytics solution. Let’s see how it works and how to set up it.

Why it’s important to detect scroll ?

Let’s take a simple example. You deploy a contact form on a page in order to get leads. The page is nice, your sale speech as well at the top of the page. Consequence, you form is above the fold. Your email and PPC campaigns target the correct audience. All green lights. But after a few weeks, you realize that your form does not convert as expected: no lead, no click…

So if it’s not working, you’re wondering if it’s because the form is too complicated (too many fields e.g) or if the form is not even seen… That is why is very interested to know if your page is scrolled. To know if your visitors are watching the full page.

How to set up in Google Tag Manager

It’s easy, there are only 4 main actions:

  • Create the trigger
    nouveau trigger gtm scroll


  • Indicate the rate you wish to track regarding the scroll : 50%?  100%?
    scroll config tag amanager


  • Activate the variable scroll depth 
    scrool variable configuration gtm


  • Create a Google Analytics tag, affect the Scroll depth variable and the trigger. google analytics scoll dectection

So easy ? Yes, it is. In the reality, every time, a visitor will scroll the page with the rate wished, Tag Manager will push in the dataLayer these information (and create an event aslo). You will just have to get back these data (via the Google Analytics tag).

scrool datalayer

How to see the data in Google Analytics ?

You’ll find all these information in behavior / all events. Please add the page URL to get a better visibility and understand better. scroll tracking in ga

Your turn now !

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