How to monitor your social engagement ?

Why it’s important to give the possibility to your visitors to share your content ? How and where can we mesure it ? Here is a quick and easy tutorial with Google Tag Manager. And where you can find results in Google Analytics. Always without coding.

Why it’s important to get these data ?

Today, social networks are essential. They can generate traffic, but they can, as well, give more visibility to your posts/products. That’s why you find, on most of the websites, social share buttons. They are placed in general at the end of the page (like here on this post). You’ll be able to find the classic social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest…

When your visitor clicks on these buttons, he can directly broadcast the content to all his network. Below, an example with a share on Twitter.


If your post is shared, it means usually that the content is relevant or your audience likes it. Because share a post requires an extra action/manipulation for the visitor. The more shares you’ve got, the more traffic you should get.  Of course, we don’t take in considerations bots and posts where you must share to access to the content. We stay in a “white hat” logic.

The goal of this post, is to know how many people have shared your posts/product pages. And to push data in Google Analytics.

Work in Google Tag Manager

We wish to know the total number of clicks on the share twitter button. First step, create the trigger on GTM:

In that case, the trigger will fire when I’ll click on a element, containing the class “share-twitter”. To know the button class, make a click right on the button, then “inspect”. Usually, classic plugins (like addThis) give you one:


It can works as well with the ID. Think to change the trigger – it should fire on “Click ID”, not on “Click Class”.

Next step, create a tag sending information to Google Analytics.


Regarding the settings, don’t forget to indicate:

  • the UA GA code
  • Track type: SOCIAL (important !)
  • Network : the social network – here Twitter
  • Action: share
  • Associate the trigger created just before

Save and publish. That’s it. Easy and simple, right ? You’ll need to do the same thing for the other social networks.

See the social data in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has got a specific place for social data. You can find them in Social / Plugins.


When somebody will click on your social share button, you’ll find this information in the interface.


You can even go further and see the posts/products the most shared. You’ll need to add the page as an extra dimension.


We could even setup these shares as classic events. But as GA proposes specific place for social data, let’s enjoy it. Your turn now !

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