Integrate your log server in Data Studio automatically


Today, in the SEO area, it’s more than important to analyse your log server, moreover when you have got an access. The problem is: you have to deal with heavy and complicated files. You have to download them, clean them, order them… After all this hard work, you can finally analyse them. Below, you’ll find an easy way to automatize this process, and to visualize them in Google Data Studio.

Only the main part of the algorithm is explained in this post. I can send you the full script for free. You only need to send me an MP on Twitter.  And don’t forget: please share this post on the social networks. Thank you 🙂

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Why you should never trust Search Console data (Part 1)

search console partie 1

Please, be careful with Search Console data. It’s more than important. Don’t trust them 100%. This tool proposed by Google is of course useful. Like give keywords where you’re visible, or the ones clicked by the visitors. It’s more than better to know your 404 pages. But again don’t trust them blindly. Morever, never trust Google 100%… Use them to give you trends, and nothing more.
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